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 Micro Safari

Hi, I'm Soroosh! Inventor and designer of Micro Safari. 

The first time I saw a glimmer in compost, I knew there had to be more going on than meets the eye.

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Little did I know that upon looking further, I'd find a vast world of unimaginable complexity. In early 2017, putting my curious engineering mind to work, I set out to design an experience that brings us closer to these complex micro-ecosystems. By the middle of that year, the first Micro Safari systems were built. I designed the Micro Safari Museum Exhibit. The exhibit is currently on display at CuriOdyssey Science Playground & Zoo and Rethink Waste South Bayside Waste Management Authority.

This year, with the goal of providing a safe explore-from-home option, we've launched the Micro Safari Starter Kit. Designed for hours of fun, easy maintenance, and a wide range of users, we hope you love this interactive toy and learning tool. Want to learn more about us? Meet the full Micro Safari team.

The Micro Safari Museum Exhibit has been enjoyed by over 10,000 humans and counting! 

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