Micro Safari

Micro Safari Exhibit

Founded by Soroosh Hedayati, Micro Safari originated as an interactive museum exhibit that illuminates an entire universe of species that exist in a space smaller than the size of your hand. 


It's not a video game. It's real life.


Micro Safari Exhibit. Three children using the Micro Safari, pointing at an annelid on a flatscreen.

Use a joystick to control a highly sophisticated microscope. Explore vast micro-landscapes teeming with life.


Museum Exhibit Demonstration 

Designer and engineer Soroosh walks us through using the Micro Safari Museum Exhibit. 


Have it how you want it

Exhibits are built to suit your needs. Order one or more exhibits, a custom wall of Micro Safaris, or a la carte discs to integrate with existing microscopes. Let's discuss your exhibit idea! Email soroosh@microsafari.org to start a conversation.

Micro Safari Organisms

Meet our customers

CuriOdyssey Science Playground & Zoo

CuriOdyssey Science Playground & Zoo
Installed August 2019

Rethin Waste South Bayside Waste Management Authority

Rethink Waste South Bayside Waste Management Authority
Installed September 2019 


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