Meet the Team

Behind Micro Safari is a team of individuals passionate about empowering people to examine the world around them, understand the natural world, and use science to solve big problems. Get to know these special people down below. 

Micro Safari - Soroosh Hedayati

Soroosh Hedayati, Founder and Head of Media

Soroosh is an entrepreneur, inventor, and microscopist based in Denver, CO. Working with mixed mediums, lighting, and electronics, he creates pieces that tell stories of science. His work can be found on display at CuriOdyssey Science Playground and Zoo, the Children's Museum of Tucson, and ReThink Waste. In his free time, Soroosh grows community makerspaces: membership-non profits that have all the tools and industrial equipment needed to build anything.

Profile photo of Nathan Sleadd

Nathan Sleadd, Founder and Head of Operations

Nathan is a six-time founder, co-founder and operator with over 16 years
experience building organizations around the design, manufacturing, and distribution of consumer products. As a mechanical designer and inventor with a passion for products that connect people to each other and their environments, Nathan has brought 100+ products to market in adventure tourism, outdoor recreation, motorsports and more. He has established international and domestic supply chains for a variety of products and materials, from textiles and machined goods to plastics and electronics.

Nathan lives in Broomfield, Colorado with his partner and their four children. He is a patent holder, real estate and business investor, and avid motorcycle enthusiast. He has been recognized throughout his career for innovation and dedication to business communities, receiving the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Pacific Northwest in 2012, and the Rose Parade Director’s Trophy for his work on the Dole float in 2016. In his free time he enjoys cooking, traveling, game nights, and riding in the mountains.