Meet the Team

Behind Micro Safari is a team of individuals passionate about empowering people to examine the world around them, understand the natural world, and use science to solve big problems. Get to know these special people down below. 

Micro Safari - Soroosh Hedayati

Soroosh Hedayati, Founder and Maker

Soroosh is an entrepreneur and creator based in Denver, CO. Working with mixed mediums, lighting, and electronics, he creates pieces that tell stories of science. His work can be found on display at the Children's Museum of Tucson, and in San Francisco at CuriOdyssey and ReThink Waste Management. In his free time, Soroosh enjoys spending time with family, playing creative board games, and engineering the next thing he dreams up.


Roisin Altreuter, Educator

Róisín completed her B.S. in Biopsychology at Tufts University and her M.A. in Biology with a focus in community-based conservation through Miami University in Ohio. She is currently a science educator at CuriOdyssey in San Mateo, CA and has been working in informal science education for 10 years. She believes that young children are natural scientists and aims to empower them to explore the things that spark their curiosity. She is also passionate about connecting kids and communities with nature and inspiring all people to make choices that protect the natural world.


Val Timin Micro Safari Communications

Val Timin, Communications

As a marketer and entrepreneur, Val connects with other big thinkers to help them grow and realize their projects in local and digital spaces. Growing up in a small town, Val learned at a young age to appreciate the natural world and all the joy it brings. Today, Val sets apart all the time she can to get outdoors, birdwatch, and explore. With the birds and the bugs in mind, Val is an environmental advocate in her community and runs a zero waste shop, Cero, to combat waste and educate others.