Micro Safari

A New Kind of Microscope Slide

We believe exploring the small and unseen helps solve the world's biggest problems.

Keeps Aquatic Organisms Alive for Months, not Hours

Our patent pending, gas-diffusion film controls the rates of air diffusion whilst limiting water evaporation.

Using a typical microscope slide, your organisms will perish in a couple of hours. Using the Micro Safari Aqua, your organisms will happily live for several months.

Fully Self-Contained. No Leaks. No Sweat.

1. Inject your aquatic sample using included dropper

2. Seal your sample

3. Remove protective film

An Entire Ecosystem in the Palm of your Hand

Optionally use the included Micro Safari GROW powder to feed your ecosystem and watch it as organisms reproduce, populations change, and your ecosystem adapts.

Create personalized and unique ecosystems from your local environment. Oceans, lakes, streams, muddy puddles, aquarium water, and more.

Made for your Microscope

Works on all microscope objectives with a working distance greater than 1.5mm. Ideal for transmitted light compound microscopes.

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