Experience the Joy of Microscopy

We make a one-of-a-kind microscope kit that will blow your mind. Guaranteed.

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A New Kind of Microscope Slide

Aquatic organisms die in a couple of hours on a regular microscope slide. Micro Safari Aqua keeps your organisms alive for months at a time. Collect unique aquatic ecosystems from puddles, streams, the ocean, and more.

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Meet Soroosh, Your Guide to the Microscopic

Soroosh is an entrepreneur, inventor, and microscopist based in Denver, CO.

Soroosh develops microscope-based interactive exhibits for science museums that are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Soroosh's museum clients include The Exploratorium, CuriOdyssey, the Tucson Children's Museum, and more.

Soroosh also invented Micro Safari Aqua and Micro Safari Terra, patent-pending micro-ecological life support slides for aquatic and terrestrial samples.

In his free time, Soroosh grows community makerspaces: membership-non profits that have all the tools and industrial equipment needed to build anything.

What Our Customers Say

Wow! Wow! Wow! And then some!  The Aqua slides & microscope are amazingly awesome! Using them feels like fishing when I was a kid. You never knew what you would catch.

Ted H.

I bought this as a gift for my ten year old son. He absolutely loved it and the whole family finds it fascinating. Simple set up. Great microscope.

Stacy C.

This thing is AWESOME!! It is just as advertised. I am so excited. We are homeschooling and it goes perfect with our life science on molecules and organisms. This is even better than I even expected. Definitely worth the purchase

Jessica M.

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What basic knowledge do I need to start using a microscope?

None! The setup video will guide you through your first time using a microscope, and you’ll gain more advanced skills in the weekly live masterclass.

How can I adjust the microscope for users with different eyesight or those wearing glasses?

Projecting the micro-view onto a TV or monitor is the best way to make microscopy accessible to people of most abilities. Otherwise, for viewing through eyepieces, you’ll want to have the users take off their glasses. On the Horizons Microscope, you can adjust the diopter in case each eye focuses slightly differently.

What's the best way to share my findings or observations with others?

In-person collaborative discovery is always the most fun, but you can also snap a photo or record video and share on social media!

If I need technical support, what is the best way to contact the company?

Reach out to us at info@microsafari.org