Micro Safari Aqua Kit


Micro Safari Aqua is the best way to view and keep microscopic aquatic ecosystems alive. 

Each kit comes with reusable Aqua Slides, a dropper for collecting your own samples, a tiny vial of micro food, and the world's tiniest spoon for feeding your micro swimmers. Watch as they grow, eat each other, reproduce, and respond to changes in their system!

The Micro Safari Aqua is designed for anybody observing living aquatic samples. Teachers, hobbyists, university researchers, students, museum educators, and more.

Create personalized and unique ecosystems from your local environment. Oceans, lakes, streams, muddy puddles, aquarium water, and more.

Keeps Aquatic Organisms Alive for Months, not Hours

Keeps Aquatic Organisms Alive for Months, not Hours

Our patent pending, gas-diffusion film controls the rates of air diffusion whilst limiting water evaporation.

On a typical microscope slide, your organisms will die in a couple of hours. Micro Safari Aqua will keep them alive and happy for months!


1. Inject your aquatic sample using included dropper

2. Seal your sample

3. Remove protective film

Product Details:

How does it work?
  1. Inject - Using the included dropper, fill the Micro Safari Aqua with aquatic samples from a lake, ocean, stream, river, pond, puddle, or aquarium.
  2. Peel - Remove the backer paper 
  3. Stick - Stick down the diffusion film and press firmly
  4. Observe - Remove protective film and observe your personal ecosystem as it grows and changes over months. Find new organisms and explore their interactions.
  5. Repeat - Peel back the diffusion film to feed or replace the sample. The film will eventually lose it's adhesion but can be used several times over.
What's included in the Starter Kit?
  • 5x Micro Safari Aqua Slides
  • 1x Micro Spoon
  • 1x Dropper
  • 1x Micro Safari Grow powder
What's included in the Classroom Kit?
  • 30x Micro Safari Aqua Slides
  • 3x Micro Spoons
  • 3x Droppers
  • 3x Micro Safari Grow powder
Microscope Compatibility

Micro Safari Aqua works with any microscope that has a working distance of greater than 1mm. Ideal for transmitted light compound microscopes or high magnification digital microscopes. Our MS-205T is a perfect fit, and can also be paired with an HDMI Digital Camera for capturing images or live streaming to a monitor or projection screen.

Note that the highest magnification objectives these microscopes have may not work with Micro Safari Aqua Slides because the bottom of the objective has to be 0.17mm away from the sample AKA the thickness of a microscope slide cover slip. You will need to use a typical microscope slide and cover slip to achieve these magnifications. However, We find that the highest microscope objectives on consumer grade microscopes are blurry and actually contain less visual information than the lower magnification objectives. Depth of field also make high magnification objectives practically difficult to observe samples with. We rarely use the highest magnification objectives. If you are new to microscopy you should purchase regular microscope slides as well so that you can get a hands-on understanding of the mechanics of using high magnification objectives. 

Technical Specs
  • Material: Optical-Grade Acrylic and LDPE polymer film with controlled diffusion rates
  • Dimensions: 26mm (Length) x 75mm (Width) x 4.5mm (Height)
  • Minimum objective working distance: 1mm
  • Grow Powder Ingredients: Plant-based growth medium for sustained ecosystem energy
  • Two month nominal organism lifespan inside of slide (individual results may vary)
Why Micro Safari Aqua?
  • Self-contained microscope slide can be filled in the field. No need to collect samples in a secondary container like a jar and then transfer to a microscope slide back at your microscope.
  • Keep your ecosystem alive for extended periods for ongoing observation and grow your ecosystem 
Made for your Microscope

Made for your Microscope

Works on all microscope objectives with a working distance greater than 1.5mm. Ideal for transmitted light compound microscopes.

An Ocean of Life in the Palm of your Hand

Micro Safari Aqua is an aquatic microbiological habitat - like an aquarium, but for entire eco-systems of microscopic creatures!

Create personalized and unique ecosystems from your local environment. Oceans, lakes, streams, muddy puddles, aquarium water, and more.