Micro Safari Terra

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The Micro Safari Terra Kit sparks hours of wonder and awe. It features a Safari Slide that houses a full ecosystem of different micro organisms. With the Mobile Microscope, you and fellow scientists can explore vast hidden micro-worlds. 

Simply attach the Mobile Microscope to your mobile phone or tablet, turn your device to camera mode and pinch to zoom. Hold the microscope up to your Safari Slide to start observing the micro organisms and their habitat! The Mobile Microscope can be used to explore tiny worlds all over your home. 

    Curriculum Add-On now included with every purchase!

    11/23 UPDATE: Terra kits are now self-fillable! Orders outside the continental USA will receive an empty slide with tools and instructions for collecting and preparing your own soil samples. Orders within the continental USA will still receive a pre-prepared slide with 10,000+ microorganisms, but now with the option to empty and refill using your own samples! Watch the full video update here.


    It's Not a Video Game, It's Real Life

    It's Not a Video Game, It's Real Life

    We believe exploring the small and unseen helps solve the world's biggest problems.

    A World at Your Fingertips

    Micro Safari Terra is a microbiological habitat - like an ant farm, but for entire eco-systems of microscopic creatures!

    Each slide comes pre-filled with a fresh soil sample, teaming with tens of thousands of microorganisms. Use the included Mobile Microscope to view your little buddies on a phone or tablet, and keep them fed and watered using the corner ports. Watch as they grow, eat each other, reproduce, and respond to changes in their system!

    Product Details:

    What's in the box?
    • Terra Slide: The Terra Slide is 11.25"x3"x0.5" filled with our special ecosystem mix encased in clear plexiglass. Handmade to last. Designed to stay closed.
    • Mobile Microscope: A powerful, pocket-sized microscope that works with most smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices.
    • Micro Food: A small container of food for the organisms is included and will last several months to a year. 
    • Watering Dropper: A standard, plastic dropper for watering the ecosystem. 
    • Micro Scoop: The smallest spoon you'll ever see. Use for feeding your organisms.
    Microscope Compatibility

    Micro Safari Terra comes with it's own Mobile Microscope, but is also compatible with any Digital, Stereo, or Compound Biological microscope that has reflected light capabilities (illuminating the sample from above). To try one of our favorite upgrades, add the Andonstar HDMI Digital Microscope and receive $30 off! Discount will automatically be applied when both items are in your shopping cart. 

    Device Compatibility for the Mobile Microscope


    All Apple iPhones, all Apple iPads, all Google Pixel phones, Samsung A10E, A11, A20, A50, Galaxy A21, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, Galaxy J6, Galaxy J7, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S20+, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, LG G6, K10, K30, K31, K40, K7, K8 2018, Stylo 1 (Plus), Stylo 2 (Plus), Stylo 3 (Plus), Stylo 5, V10, Velvet, Motorola Moto E, Moto Edge, Moto G Fast, Moto G7 Power, Motorola One, Motorola Z4, Blu V7, Blu V70, Blu V9, Blue V90, Xperia 5, Nokia 2.3


    Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Ultra, Galaxy S9, Xiomi Mi9t, Redmi K20pro, Motorola Razor, G7, LG V40 Thin Q, Red Hydrogen One.
    If your device is not listed here, we were unable to find the device at a local retail store to test the mobile microscope, but may still work. The mobile microscope will work with any device where the center of the camera is less than 23mm (0.90in) from an edge of the device, and the device has a thickness between 7mm (0.275in) and 12mm (0.472in).

    Meet the organisms

    Get to know springtails, annelids, mites, and more. Find out who's the life of the party, who wants to be left alone, and who is always first to show up for dinner. Each organism has unique personality traits to discover.

    Start your expedition

    Whether you're setting out solo or in a group with your best adventure pals, we provide everything you need for this safari-from-home experience. Adventure awaits!

    Hours of Entertainment

    Hours of Entertainment

    The Micro Safari delivers high quality household entertainment.

    Safe for ages Five and up. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike.