Micro Safari Aqua Setup

1. Pull down the white release liner to expose the injection ports.
2. (Optional) Use the Micro Spoon to dish out two scoops of Microorganism Growth Powder and insert into either injection port, tapping the powder down into the slide. If Growth Powder gets onto the surface of the slide where the tape will stick, blow it off.
Note that adding Growth Powder will increase the population size of your ecosystem, but may make it more unstable, leading to possible ecosystem collapse. Most aquatic samples will survive for 2 months without adding Growth Powder.
4. Inject your aquatic sample into either filling hole, filling the slide all the way. The aquatic sample can be taken from any natural water source, including but not limited to: lakes, rivers, streams, muddy puddles, ocean water, water filtered through soil, etc.  
5. Peel off the Release Liner and stick firmly down with your thumb. Rub it in firmly to the slide to ensure a water-tight seal.
6. When you are ready to observe your sample, peel the protective paper, and place it onto your microscope, with the optical surface (the side that you just pulled the protective paper off of) facing towards the microscope objective.
7. That's it! Explore your ecosystem and find all of the species within it.