Micro Safari Museum Exhibit


Explore the vast microscopic universe of a Micro Safari with microorganism inhabitants! Buy an exhibit for your science center, children’s museum, zoo, or biology classroom: The Micro Safari Science Exhibit teaches about biology, complex micro ecosystems, soils, and much more! Customizable to meet your needs. Read below and contact us for details.

Micro Safari Museum exhibits have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands visitors at existing locations throughout the U.S.

About the Micro Safari Science Exhibit

  • Microscope exhibit for science museums, children’s museums, elementary classrooms, and universities
  • Dimensions: 4' x 4' x 6'
  • 60 day lead time
  • Great addition to your existing STEM and biology exhibits
  • Micro Safari Microscope with HDMI output
  • Micro Safari Slide Cartridge with secure habitat and microorganisms
  • Fully motorized control with joystick
  • Transparent dust-resistant acrylic enclosure
  • Contact us to get your project started.
  • Written agreement required with purchase

Watch demonstration video on YouTube.

Three Tiers to Meet Your Needs:

Micro Safari Standard Kiosk

starting from $29,600
The standard model Micro Safari Exhibit. Includes black stand on wheels, full HD display, joystick operated motorized microscope, safari slide, and warranty. Great for libraries, learning centers, small museums and private schools.


Micro Safari Custom Kiosk

starting from $35,400

We can build to suit your needs and match your existing exhibits, displays, and branding. Contact us to discuss your options.  

Micro Safari Core

starting from $22,300 

Includes the joystick operated motorized microscope, safari slide, and warranty. Best for museums and centers who wish to build their own kiosk or display to match existing exhibits.

Included with All Exhibits

  • Re-usable, fill-it-yourself cartridges: use your local soils to make the exhibit your own
  • One year on-call exhibit functionality warranty:
  • Materials and tools for optional feeding and watering for more energetic organisms
  • Set up assistance and training
  • Documentation, including care and use guidelines, BOM, and CAD files for component replacement.
  • All cleaning and care products
  • Provide media assets for use in custom signage, to be designed by a 3rd party. (example: pictures of organisms, copywriting, etc.)

Cartridge Replacements

  • The recommended cartridge swap out timeline is between 3 - 4 months (no feeding/watering assumed).
  • The cartridges will technically last for 6 months without food or water, however, the number of organisms will decrease after 3 months without food, and by month 6, although there is still life, you will not find life within 10 seconds of using the exhibit like you would in the first 4 months.
  • With regular feeding and watering, you could extend the life of the cartridge for a long time.

Optional Upgrades

  • Video recordings for use in supplemental video signage that explain what the individual organisms are and what their role is in the ecosystem.
  • Micro Safari provided signage and graphic design.
  • Visitor enabled motorized zoom + focus control.

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